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AMAT competes in the SAE Aero Design Advanced Class and in the AIAA Design Build Fly competitions.  We design, build, and fly a large, remote controlled aircraft built from a variety of materials such as balsa wood, carbon fiber, and foam.  AMAT utilizes engineering education and teamwork while providing graduate and undergraduate students with hands-on experience in design and manufacturing techniques, while integrating past successes with innovation to create a smarter and more advanced aircraft.

This year, AMAT is excited to be participating in the SAE Aero Design West competition again. The Advanced Class has a completely revamped mission, involving a primary aircraft, autonomously guided secondary colonist delivery aircraft (to be released from the primary aircraft mid-flight), as well as supply drops. The new mission brings exciting new challenges!  

In 2017,  AMAT took a leap and tried something new! We competed in the 2017 AIAA Design Build Fly competition. With an entirely new set of mission parameters and with new advanced carbon fiber molding techniques we placed 60th/95 overall in AIAA’s international competition. AMAT represented UC Davis against universities around the world; Korea, India, Austria, Italy, Turkey, and Singapore. We may not have gotten first, but we learned alot, met awesome people, and will try for next year!

AMAT 2016-2017: Argonaut


In 2016, AMAT competed placed 6th/20 overall in the SAE’s international competition. AMAT represented UC Davis against universities around the world; Poland, UK, Turkey, Mexico, China, and Canada. Nationally, AMAT had the best design report of any U.S. team and was close to placing high in the technical presentation.

AMAT Team April 2016

AMAT 2015-2016: Taranis



 Message from the 2015-2016 Captains:

 As we wrap up another successful year of AMAT, current leadership aims to hand off the reigns to the new leadership so that they can get the ball running quicker and learn from this year’s “important learning experiences.”

 Everyone learned a lot about aircraft design, manufacturing, good engineering practices, and above all, and had lot of fun! We had the privilege to go to competition again this year, but the real success was everyone putting hard work and passion to create something that actually flies! AMAT is the product of every member’s dedication to put their engineering skills to the test. Every year, AMAT continues to innovate and not be afraid to try new designs. AMAT strives to improve every year.

 AMAT was a great experience that we will carry on into our professional careers and we hope you all took something valuable away from your past, present, and future experiences with AMAT! It was an honor  to be your Captains this year!

 The Captains wish the coming season of AMAT the best of luck and to have AMAT soar above the competition next year with first place!

 – The Captains

  Kel De La Trinidad, Kevin E. Saddi, & Chris Stevens


If you are interested in participating during the 2017-2018  season,  see the Projects main tab/Calendar/Member Information tabs for updates on the current state of things. Please also look at the past projects of AMAT and see the team’s evolution. Also check out our Gallery of each year and see some more of building/competition and AMAT in general through the season. Also check out the AMAT Alumni page in the drop down menu for Advanced Modeling Aeronautics Team to see where some of our Captains went to after graduating!

 Feel free to contact us with any questions.

 We look forward to working with you!

 – AMAT Captains

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